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Posted January 23rd, 2013 By OCUFA

This website is about one simple – but extremely important – thing: the connection between teaching and research at Ontario’s universities. Great university education depends on this connection. It helps students learn the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. It drives innovation, kick-starts economies, and improves the quality of our lives. When professors are able to connect teaching and research, the results are extraordinary.

Some people have suggested that we don’t need university professors to do research, and that it would be cheaper to have teaching-only universities. But taking research away from universities will hurt students, damage graduate programs, and prevent professors from strengthening their communities. In short, universities won’t be able to do what we expect them to do.

We Teach Ontario features five professors who are using teaching and research to excel in the classroom, in the community, and around the world. Watch their stories, and share your favourites with your friends and colleagues on Twitter or Facebook. You can also share your own story of how a professor has made a difference in your life or in your community [link to What’s Your Story?].

Over the coming months, we will be adding additional professor profiles. We will also be using this space to be sharing the latest news and views on teaching and research at Ontario’s universities [link to blog]. Be sure to check back often for new content and new opportunities to get involved.

Thanks for your interest in We Teach Ontario. Together, we can keep teaching and research connected at Ontario’s universities.

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