We Teach Ontario calls attention to issues facing Ontario contract faculty

Posted February 25th, 2015 By OCUFA

University lecture halls and labs across the USA are empty today. And no, it’s not a holiday.

OCUFA stands alongside our American contract faculty colleagues who walked out of their classrooms to protest their unequal and unfair working conditions.

This isn’t an issue that’s only occurring south of the border. The CBC estimates that over half of Canadian university courses are taught by contract faculty. These professors don’t have access to the same job security, pay and benefits as their tenured colleagues despite doing the same work.

These unfair working conditions harm our students and affect the quality of our universities.Together, these conditions mean contract faculty work for less money and without any security. Contract faculty often don’t know what, or if, they’ll be teaching the following semester. Many don’t receive benefits while working many unpaid hours to support their students. They frequently lack private offices and must meet students in public or in a cramped, shared office space. The precarious nature of contract faculty work also means that these professors can’t mentor students or help them get into graduate or professional programs.

We are launching We Teach Ontario to call for fairness for contract faculty and to give their voices and stories a platform for people to hear and understand.

OCUFA wants to support all Ontario professors by making every academic job a good job. If you’re an Ontario contract faculty member, please share your experience and raise awareness about what effect this uncertainty has on your career and your students.

One response to “We Teach Ontario calls attention to issues facing Ontario contract faculty”

  1. Patricia Briscoe says:

    I am a part of this group – Contract faculty! And yes, unfair treatment is an understatement.

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