Taryn Grieder’s Experience

Posted March 2nd, 2015 By OCUFA

Abnormal Psychology, Neurobiology, Psychology of Addiction, Psychopharmacology, University of Toronto

I’ve worked as a contract faculty member for years. I currently teach Abnormal Psychology, Neurobiology, Psychology of Addiction, Psychopharmacology. I love my job because I get to show students how awesome the human mind is, what happens when things go wrong, and the research that’s going on to provide new therapies. I’ll never forget when my students told me that I changed their life, and that they wanted to do research in neuropsychology because of the things I’d taught them. I’m extremely proud of the time I received better teaching evaluations than the department, faculty and university as a whole.

If contract professors became full-time faculty, we could offer so much more to universities, students and Canadian research. As a full-time faculty member, I would be able to dedicate all my time to teaching, lesson and pedagogical development, and lifelong learning. It would also mean that I’d have job security, and wouldn’t always be wondering if I’d have a contract in the next term. On a more personal level, I would have the opportunity to buy a house, because I’d actually get approved for a mortgage if I had a full-time job.

Each week, I travel 100 kms to get to work and do 20 hours of additional unpaid work to support my students. In return, I have no benefits. This is on top of <$10,000 in student debt I owe after studying at University of Toronto to become an expert in Medical Neuroscience. My current income is too little and insecure. I currently have NO job security, which makes it hard to plan for the future.

Overall, I want to tell you that I love to teach, but it would be a lot less stressful if I had more job security.

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