Steven Moore’s Story

Posted March 5th, 2015 By OCUFA

Environmental Studies, Queen’s University

I’ve worked as a contract faculty member for 10 years. I currently teach Topics in Sustainability, Environmental Policy, Ecological Economics. I love my job because there is nothing better than talking to young people about ideas and actions. I’ll never forget having my class attended the climate march in NYC. I’m extremely proud of the time was selected as Student Choice Professor of The Year.

If contract professors became full-time faculty, we could offer so much more to universities, students and Canadian research. As a full-time faculty member, I would be able to have much more contact with students. It would also mean a more secure income. On a more personal level, I would have the opportunity to do more of what I love.

Each week, I travel 70 kms to get to work and do hours of additional unpaid work to support my students. In return, I have no benefits. This is on top of <$10,000 in student debt I owe after studying at York University to become an expert in environmental studies.

Overall, I want to tell you that here is some of the extra, unpaid work I did in the last year.
Member, Queen’s Carbon Action Plan Advisory Committee
• Member, Queen’s Carbon Action Plan Curriculum and Research Committee
• Member, Queen’s Sustainability Advisory Committee
• Faculty Advisor, Queen’s Water Access Group
• Coach, TEAM ENG 400
• Faculty Advisor. Queen’s Solar Design Team, 2014 US Solar Decathlon
• Member, Centre for Responsible Leadership Steering Committee
• Keynote Panel Moderator, CEEC, March
• Advising Faculty Member, AMS Sustainability Action Fund
• Guest Judge and Lecturer, COMM 357, Keith Rogers Mar
• Prof Talk, Arts and Science 2014 Orientation Sep
• Presenter and Judge Queen’s Global Innovation Conference Nov
• Judge, Queen’s Entrepreneur’s Competition Nov

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