Pauline Phipps’s Story

Posted February 24th, 2015 By OCUFA

History and Women’s Studies, University of Windsor

My proudest teaching moment:

My proudest moment was being a recipient of the OPUS teaching award in March, 2014. I very much enjoy teaching and helping students to succeed and so, this was a wonderful tribute.

Over my fifteen years of teaching, I have had the privilege of watching some of my students excel: gaining the SSHRC and OGS, entering doctorate programs, and publishing their research.

Students are an important part of my job.

My greatest research accomplishment:

My greatest research accomplishment is the publication of my biography titled, Constance Maynard’s Passions: Religion, Sexuality, and an English Educational Pioneer 1849-1935, which is forthcoming with the University of Toronto Press in June 2015.

How I use my knowledge, research skills and teaching ability to improve my community:

I was honored to be invited to deliver a Plenary about my research topic, Constance Maynard, at Queen Mary University of London, London UK, in November 2012. This Symposium celebrated the recent digitization of some of Maynard’s archives, which are housed at Queen Mary University of London.

The Symposium also facilitated the opportunity for scholars and young doctorates to submit original work for a special ed. in the Women’s History Review, which is forthcoming, May 2015.

The challenges I face in my work:

My biggest challenge is developing my research with a heavy teaching load of six classes a year.

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