Lauren Barr’s Experience

Posted October 29th, 2015 By OCUFA

Lauren teaches sociology at Western.

What is your proudest teaching moment?

It may sound cliche, but every moment I teach makes me proud. When students throughout my career reach out to tell me that I changed their life somehow, I know that I am in the right career doing what I do best. Each student touches my life in their own way and their successes become mine.


How do you use your knowledge, research skills, and teaching ability to improve your community?

I am an active member of the teaching community at Western trying to empower students and improve their education experience. I support students, TA’s, other faculty anyway that I can to make higher education better. 


What challenges do you face at work?

I have been teaching for 10 years. Sometimes part-time, sometimes ‘full-time’ (which is limited), sometimes while working another full or part-time job. I have a young family and I am completing my PhD. It is just wild to try to get everything done in a day. I do my best, I am open with my students and department, but I never feel like I am 100% because I am stretched so thin. I would love to take the time to fully develop everything from start to finish and just be in the moment more often.

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