Joe Boivin’s Experience

Posted February 24th, 2015 By OCUFA

Biology, Nipissing University

My proudest teaching moment:

I supervised a fourth year thesis project for three students who approached me because of their experiences with me as their instructor. It was a unique teaching experience, since my role was not focused on delivering curriculum, but was instead to promote and encourage their creativity. The group created an information and marketing campaign about the environmental/health impacts of products in the cosmetics industry. The campaign received a positive write-up on The David Suzuki Foundation website, they gave an award-winning presentation at Queen’s university, met with various entrepreneurs in the cosmetics industry, including a meeting with an entrepreneurial expert at the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto. My proudest moment was listening to the students during a CBC radio interview as they answered question after question in a very composed and informed manner. It was an enlightening experience to work alongside students as they improved their skills of communication and acquired knowledge on a topic with which they held a genuine passion.

How I use my knowledge, research skills and teaching ability to improve my community:

A community organization, whose purpose is to maintain and protect a local conservation area, approached Nipissing University with a question, “why had the beavers living in the conservation area’s wetland suddenly disappeared?” Students in a third-year forestry and environmental science course designed studies, conducted sampling, completed analyses, and reported their findings as part of their coursework. Aware of the “real world” implications of their effort, students went above and beyond (including sampling in -30C weather) to ensure that they could stand behind their work. Over 30 members of the community and media (television, radio, and newspaper) attended their final presentation.

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