Jeff Botham’s Story

Posted March 7th, 2015 By OCUFA

Management and Financial Accounting, Organizational Consulting, Waterloo and Toronto Campus of Wilfrid Laurier

My proudest teaching moment:

Towards the end of one particular term, students came to me and said “by sharing your work experiences, we really UNDERSTAND the concepts we were reading about in the text. We were having difficulty with concepts but could relate back to the great examples you gave in class”

How do you use your knowledge, research skills, and teaching ability to improve your community?

I reach out to the community and volunteer for a number of local events. I endorse the university’s involvement of students in the community and proud that we are building tomorrows leaders with this sense of community.

The challenges I face in my work:

The biggest challenge is uncertainty. Despite being a professional with 25 years of experience I often tell colleagues that I have no idea whether I am teaching 3,2,1, or NO courses in the upcoming term. This is unacceptable.

It is unfair to the students and to contract staff that these decisions cannot be made at least one year in advance.!

As it stands today – I was offered courses to teach in just a little over two months. This is not enough time to adequately prepare for two new course and to refresh curriculum on a third. If the University could give certainty on contracts one year out, we would be able to better prepare and the students (who after all are paying a large portion) would receive better value.

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