Great essay on why professors do what they do

Posted August 30th, 2013 By OCUFA

Over on Inside Higher Ed, Kevin Brown has written a great little essay that explains why he teaches, and why teaching is so important. Here’s a sample:

Students do not see much of the work we professors do, nor do administrators or the public. We do our research in our offices, laboratories, homes, or libraries, largely alone; we spend hours reading and preparing lectures, class discussions, exams, and paper assignments that appear effortless; we work on committees that help make our universities and communities stronger; we spend summers reading in our fields or about teaching, working to improve for the coming school year.  Much of what we do is unseen, especially by students, yet we do the work to the best of our ability, knowing that the work is important in and of itself.

Take a few moments to read the whole thing. While he may not be speaking for every professor, he expresses an perspective that many educators would agree with.

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