Every academic job should be a good job

Every day, Ontario’s professors and academic librarians do exceptional things. From innovative teaching to cutting-edge research, these individuals help drive the province’s social vitality and economic success.

We often think of professors as individuals with strong job security, benefits, and good pay. But a large – and growing – number of professors work on contract, from course to course.

These teachers and researchers often form the backbone of undergraduate teaching at our universities. Like their full-time colleagues, they work hard to create outstanding learning experiences for their students.

Challenges faced by contract faculty

Unfortunately, many of these professors don’t have what they need to excel. They struggle with low pay, poor job security, and no access to benefits. Bad working conditions hurt these hard-working professors, their families, and the communities in which they live. Bad working conditions also hurt students.

Improving the working conditions of contract faculty is about improving the education our students receive. It is about social justice and fairness. And it is about making sure that every academic job is a good job, just like every job should be a good job.

How you can help

We Teach Ontario highlights the excellent and essential work done by our province’s contract faculty. It also explores some of the challenges these individuals face in their day-to-day lives. We don’t know a lot about contract faculty, because their work is often invisible and data on these individuals is hard to get. We hope to shine a light on the reality of contract faculty work in Ontario.

We invite you to read the contract faculty profiles, and share their stories with your friends and colleagues. If you’re a contract faculty member, please take the time to fill out our form so we can learn more about you and profile your hard work.

We Teach Ontario

We Teach Ontario launched in 2013 with the goal of highlighting the exceptional work of Ontario’s professors and academic librarians. In 2015, we are pleased to focus on contract faculty work. We Teach Ontario is an initiative of the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations. With over 17,000 members across Ontario, we work to make sure professors and academic librarians have the resources and support to teach students, conduct research, and build Ontario’s social and economic success.


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